2019 Summer League

From 1st April to 30th September we will be running a handicap league competition.

Two leagues will be run in parallel ‘Short Metric I’ and ‘Short Metric III’

Short Metric I – (SM1)

  • 3 dozen arrows at 80cm face at 50m
  • 3 dozen arrows at 80cm face at 30m

Short Metric III – (SM3)

  • 3 dozen arrows at 80cm face at 30m
  • 3 dozen arrows at 80cm face at 20m

The Rules

  • You can enter either league, or even both if you want to. Seniors with 1st Class or higher Classification for their bow type will be expected to shoot in the SM1 league for that bow type.
  • You must shoot and submit online at least 1 round a month for each League/Bow type entered. Your best submitted score for the month will be selected and used as your entry for the month.
  • Your outdoor handicap for your bow type at the end of the month will be used to calculate your adjustment for the month.
  • The leagues will be based on 85% of the adjustment.
  • If you don’t have a handicap for your bow type then you need to submit 3 scores from any standard outdoor round shot this year. (Not 252 or Frostbite)
  • 10 zone scoring. All bow types use the same scoring zones 1-9, 10, X
  • There is an entry fee, to cover the cost of prizes, of £1 per Archer for each League/Bow type they want to enter. (this is a one off fee and not per month).
    • e.g. If you enter SMI using Barebow and SM3 using Longbow it will cost £2
  • Entries and payment must be made by the end of April.

Short Metric I


Short Metric III