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Metric please, e.g 1.75 (m)
Only required if a Junior (under 18)
To keep archery a safe and enjoyable experience for all, we expect everyone to follow the safety and etiquette rules.

• No shouting, except to warn of danger.
• If you see anyone, or anything in a dangerous position, shout “Fast”.
• No whistling. A whistle is used for safety commands and to whistle could be dangerous.
• Always carry arrows point downwards.
• Never run on the range, or with arrows in your hand.
• Never point an arrow at another person or yourself, even if it is not in the bow.
• Never play around with arrows. They can kill!
• Never put an arrow in your bow until you are on the shooting line.
• Never release a bow from full draw without an arrow in place as this can cause the bow to break.
• Never cross the waiting line until it is your turn to shoot, unless you have the advance permission of the Target Captain.
• In front of the waiting line, there is to be no running, loud talking or ‘messing around’.

At the shooting line:
• Never place an arrow in your bow until you hear a single whistle.
• Never, under any circumstances, cross the shooting line until the whistle sounds twice or the Target Captain says “Collect your Arrows”.
• On hearing “Fast”, immediately stop shooting and return any arrows to your quiver. If you have your bow drawn, you must lower it, do not release the arrow.
• Once you have an arrow in your bow, keep it facing towards the target at all times.
• Never turn round with an arrow in your bow.
• Leave the shooting line immediately you have shot your arrows, unless to keep company with another archer still shooting.
• Do not leave equipment on the shooting line without the advance permission of the Target Captain.
• All equipment must be returned to behind the waiting line. (See also previous point.)

A Good Archer does not
• Talk in a loud voice whilst others are shooting.
• Talk to another archer who prefers to be silent.
• Offer advice unless asked.
• Make any exclamation on the shooting line which might distract another archer.
• Walk off the shooting line while a neighbour is at full draw.
• Touch another archer’s equipment without their permission.
• Walk up and down the line comparing scores.
• Shoot distances beyond their capability, continually missing and holding up shooting.
• Disturb people with loud mobile phone ringtones or speaking on the phone on or around the shooting line.
• Leave litter on the archery ground.
• Go behind the target to retrieve his arrows before his score has been recorded.

A good archer always
• Helps to set out the equipment and put it away.
• Takes into account other archers shooting on the same target when positioning his foot markers, and allows sufficient space for them.
• Pays to replace another’s arrow damaged through their carelessness.
• Waits until the archer on your left and right has made his/her shot before going on to or leaving the shooting line.
• Stays on the shooting line with your target partner until they have finished shooting
• Leaves the line quietly
• While calling scores, points to each arrow as it is called, without touching the arrow or target face (106/b).
• Does not touch any arrow or the target face until all arrow values have been recorded and checked.
• When required to do so, takes their turn at scoring.
• Only withdraws the arrows of others if this has been agreed by them.
• Thanks the Target Captain at the end of each round for work on his behalf

I have read, understood and accept the rules and conditions as described and agree that I/my child* will abide by them. Failure to do so could result in being asked to leave the premises immediately and any monies already paid being forfeit.
I am aware that my details, including the information supplied on this form, will be held and used for club administration (in line with Archery GB Policies and Privacy Notice)