Club Rules

All members are expected to abide by the Archery GB Rules of Shooting and Shooting and Administration Procedures and to follow the applicable Archery GB codes of conduct, available on the Archery GB website using the links below.

We have had some issues recently so the relevant requirements from the Archery GB rules are highlighted as follows:

Bows should only be drawn on the shooting line – see rule 102 (a)

Foot markers are also permitted but must not protrude above the ground more than one centimetre – see rule 201 (b)

Footwear should fully enclose the feet – see rule 307 (b)

Drinking alcohol while shooting – see Codes of Conduct

We share the field with Junior Football teams so all arrows must be accounted for at the end of the shoot.  If any arrows are lost during the shoot the Field Captain must be informed immediately and the arrows must be found before leaving the field.

In order to be respectful to other club members and to do your fair share of the work, the following is requested:
– To assemble at the shooting venue by the stated start time in order to help set up the range
– To remain at the shooting venue until the range has been packed away
– To help pack away the range before packing away personal equipment
– To enter your full name and round or distance to be shot in the book

We realise that there are occasions when an individual may need to arrive late or leave early, and this should be notified* to the Field Captain in advance.  If you are leaving early, every effort should be made to pack away the target and any other club equipment that you were using unless it is still in use by another archer.
* The notification should include Name, estimated time of arrival, desired distance/round (this may not always be possible to accommodate), target face size, bow type, draw weight.  If borrowing club equipment, bow length and arrows size should also be included

If you arrive late, you will be expected to shoot in a free space on an appropriate target (ask the field captain which targets are suitable for you to use) that has already been set up or set up a new target yourself if one is available.  The setup should be done between ends when arrows are being collected, in order to minimise the disruption to the other archers.  If you choose to shoot on an existing target, the archers already using that target have priority so if, for example, they need to move it as part of their round, you will need to change distance with them.

If arriving late or moving between targets during a shoot, please be mindful of other archers who have already set up to shoot.  The range is normally set up with space for 2 archers on a target to shoot simultaneously, accommodating a maximum of 4 archers in 2 details.  Occasionally the spacing may be set to allow 3 archers to shoot simultaneously (or 6 archers in 2 details).  Please ask the archers already on the target and the field captain if you are able to join them and how to best fit in with the shooting order that has already been established.

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