Rounds Indoor

ArcheryGB rounds.

Distance18m30m20y20y25y20yAdditional rules
Face size40cm special80cm60cm40cm60cm16in specialMax score
Bray I2 1/2300Full size or triple face
Bray II2 1/2300Full size or triple face
Stafford6720Full size face only
Portsmouth5600Full face, 5 zone or triple face
Worcester5600Full face or 5 centre face. Five arrows per end, one end of sighters
Vegas 3002 1/2300All bowtypes use recurve 10 zone and X as 10 points

World Archery rounds

Distance18m25mAdditional rules
Face size40cm60cmMax score
WA 185600Full size or triple face
WA 255600Full size or triple face
Combined WA551200Full size or triple face
Recurve MatchSetsTriple face only
Compound Match1 1/4150Triple face only