Lockdown Leagues 2020

While there are no external competitions going on we thought a friendly internal competition to give you something to have a go at.

These rounds can be shot any time and as many times as you want. You can also enter using different bow types if you have them.

Please submit every score. The table will be updated to show your best score for the round for each bow type you shoot.

Use the filters to show the scores in your category and bow type.

BA 122-2020m122cm3610 zoneAnyJuniors Only
Metric 80-3030m80cm7210 zoneAnyEveryone
Metric 80-4040m80cm7210 zoneAnyEveryone
Metric 122-5050m122cm7210 zoneAnyEveryone
WA 50m50m80cm7210 zoneAnyEveryone
WA 60m60m122cm7210 zoneAnyEveryone

BA 122-20

Metric 80-30

Metric 80-40

Metric 122-50

WA 50m

WA 60m