2018/19 Winter Portsmouth League


Portsmouth round (60 arrows, 20yds, 60cm face)

10 zone scoring. If using a compound bow then only the inner 10 zone counts as 10.

Rounds must be shot during a club shoot. (Indoor or Outdoor)

To qualify you must shoot AND submit online at least one Portsmouth score a month.

You must have a valid indoor handicap, for the bow type used, by the end of the first month. (To get a handicap submit 3 scores from any standard indoor rounds shot this year.)

If you want to use more than one bow type then you must submit at least one score a month for each bow type and have a valid handicap for each bow type used.

Each archers best score in a month will be used as the entry for that month.

Each archers handicap at the end of the month will be used to calculate the adjustment for that month.

Results will be displayed as handicap adjusted league and also Bow type/Age group (Senior and Junior) leagues.

Bow Types included.




Other (Identified by no arrow shelf or arrow rest)


Current Handicap Tables



Senior Compound

Senior Barebow

Senior Recurve

Senior Other

Junior Combined