2019/20 Winter Portsmouth Ladder


  • The Ladder will operate on Saturday mornings between 1st October and 31st March
  • There will be 2 ladders, Junior and Adult
  • Scores submitted on the first week will be used determine the starting position on the ladder
  • Anyone not shooting on the first week will be added to the bottom of the ladder when they next shoot
  • You can challenge the next person above you on the ladder who is available and accepts the challenge
  • You can jump any people who are missing or decline challenges and challenge the next person above them who is available
  • You can only challenge one person at a time
  • You can challenge the next person available above you even if you have been challenged
  • If there is no one available to challenge then advise the Records Officer
  • If you win, you move above the person you have beaten If you lose or draw, you remain where you are
  • Archers must shoot on the same boss if possible, or the next boss
  • Challenges between archers using different bow types will be adjusted using the Somerset adjustment tables
  • Scores must be submitted on official score sheets, using normal competition practices and be signed by both archers on the day of the shoot
  • Bowstyles are as defined in ArcheryGB Rules Of Shooting
  • All Challenges and results must be notified to the Records Officer
  • Any queries/disputes to be addressed to the Records Officer in the first instance and escalated if necessary to the Committee. The committee’s decision is final
  • There will be a trophy for the winner of each ladder

Senior Ladder

NameBowtypeBest ScoreAdjustedLast Change
Gar KnaptonBarebow515551
Murray CrossRecurve463463
Ryan BrightRecurve417417

Junior Ladder

NameBowtypeBest ScoreAdjustedLast Change
Carrie BrightBarebow256350